How to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic With Tailwind


How to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic With Tailwind

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When I first realized the money-making potential of blogging, I threw myself into learning everything I could about it. I kept reading that Pinterest was SUPER important and a huge potential source of blog traffic. I used Pinterest previously, but basically just to look for fashion and home decor inspiration and find recipes to make for dinner. I was skeptical of how it could be so beneficial for my blog.

Let me tell you, I was quickly proven wrong! I started making pinnable images for my blog posts, and my blog traffic quickly started to explode. It was true, Pinterest was a game-changer! And as much as I love the traffic boost I was getting, Pinterest was starting to take up ALL of my time.

That’s where Tailwind comes in. Not only has my Pinterest traffic grown even MORE since I started using Tailwind, but I am also spending a fraction of the time on Pinterest, freeing me up to tackle other blogging tasks or, you know, have a social life!

In this post, I want to share this awesome tool with you, and teach you how you can use Tailwind to skyrocket your blog traffic AND save you tons of time.

FYI – If you read this post and you’re still unsure as to whether Tailwind is for you, they do offer a free trial so you can try it out without having to commit!





Tailwind Smart Scheduler


The scheduling tool is the real meat of Tailwind. It’s what is going to save you a TON of time and help you seriously explode your Pinterest traffic.

First of all, Tailwind has a feature that tells you the best time to pin based on your audience. Just indicate how many pins you want to schedule per day, and it will automatically pick the best times to schedule them. You can choose the times yourself, but I highly recommend letting Tailwind do the heavy lifting here.

Tailwind makes it super easy to add pins to your schedule once it’s set up. The easiest way is by using their Chrome Extension that allows you to schedule to Tailwind from whatever website you’re on. This is what I use to share my old blog content over and over again.

You can also create pins directly within Tailwind by uploading an image or pinning an image from Instagram.

Once your pins are scheduled, you’re done! You’ll be sharing content on Pinterest all day long without actually have to BE on Pinterest!


Board Lists


When I’m sharing one of my own pins on Pinterest, I’m usually sharing it to a bunch of boards at once (both my own boards and group boards). Luckily, Tailwind has a tool to make this SUPER easy – board lists.

Basically, you can create different board lists for your different pin categories. For instance, the categories I pin most often are blogging, productivity, and personal development. I have a board lists for each of those categories so when it’s time to schedule a pin, I just have to click the board list and it schedules it to ALL of those boards!

This is a huge time saver and saves me from having to scroll through dozens and dozens of board names to find the specific ones I need.


Board Insights


In general, Tailwind just has really awesome analytics features. One of my favorites is their Board Insights. I pin to a ton of boards, both my own boards and group boards, and Board Insights allows me to see which of those boards are actually giving me results.

Board Insights shares how many of your pins are on the board, how many followers the board has, how many repins your pins have gotten, the virality score of the board (repins / pin) and the engagement score (repins / pin / follower).

I specifically love the Board Insights feature for analyzing group boards. There was a time where group boards were responsible for the majority of my blog traffic (and the same was true for most bloggers I knew). With algorithm changes, Pinterest really cracked down on group boards and they just aren’t as effective anymore.

I do still pin to some group boards, but since I limit it to just a few, I want to make sure I’m narrowing my focus on those that are actually bringing me results.


Pin Inspector


Tailwind’s Pin Inspector is a pretty simple but also super helpful feature. Basically, it just shows you your recent pins (you can choose whatever date range you want) and tells you how many repins each one got.

So why is this helpful? Well, first of all, this is a great indicator of what type of content is doing well on Pinterest. If you notice that a certain type of pin or type of content is consistently getting the most repins, that’s definitely a sign you should be creating more of that type of content!

The Pin Inspector also has a feature that allows you to schedule a repin one of those popular pins, which allows you to continue to capitalize off successful pins.


Tailwind Tribes


One of the best parts of Tailwind is their Tribes feature. Tailwind Tribes is a tool where you join up with other pinners and help share each other’s content. So how does it work, exactly?

First, you find some tribes to join. There is a search feature that allows you to find tribes in your niche. Make sure you read the rules of each tribe when you join them!

Next, share your pins in the tribe. Each tribe will have different rules as to how often you can share, so I typically just share the pins for each new blog post as I publish them on my blog. Hopefully, the other tribe members will share your pins with their audience.

Finally, scroll through the tribe and find other people’s content to share with your own audience! Not only are tribes a great way to find awesome content to share with your audience, but it’s important that you’re engaging with other pinners in the tribe so they return the favor. Most tribes will state in the rules that you have to repin at least one other person’s pin for every pin you add.


My Pinterest Strategy


With just a little searching, you can find about 100000 different Pinterest strategies online. Everyone’s methodology is a little different, and a LOT of them are super effective. I’m certainly not saying that my exact strategy is the best, but it’s been super effective for me, so I plan to keep using it until it’s no longer bringing me results.

  • Every time I schedule a new blog post, I share each pinnable image onto every relevant board. I generally use one-day intervals so I’m not pinning the same blog post a ton of times in one day.
    • Note: I generally create three pinnable images for each blog post, give or take depending on the post.
  • I schedule 30 pins per day of my old blog content. I keep a spreadsheet of all of my blog posts. I just hop in there and go down the list scheduling pins using the Chrome Extension.
    • Note: I regularly check my analytics and only continue to pin those blog posts that are actually driving traffic to my blog. Continuing to pin the same unsuccessful pins is a waste of time.
  • I no longer schedule other people’s pins in Tailwind. The 30 pins per day I schedule are all mine. Instead, I go on the Pinterest app a couple times per day and manually pin for a few minutes. It literally takes a total of about 5 minutes per day.

As I said, I don’t know that my strategy is better than anyone else’s, but it’s definitely working for me!




If you’re looking for way more in-depth information on creating a Pinterest strategy, I took the course Pinning Perfect. This is what my Pinterest strategy is based on, and there is a TON of other amazing information in there about growing your blog traffic with Pinterest. This is the ONLY Pinterest course I recommend!


Note: If you’re ready to give Tailwind a try, click HERE to get your free trial!


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