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    In 2016 I wrote my first eBook and officially launched it in October. Writing an eBook had been the #1 goal on my list for that year, and writing a book has been a goal of mine for just about my entire life. When I first got the idea I was grossly unprepared. I had this idea that I would just write something up in Microsoft Word, and surely people would buy it. Well, that’s not exactly how it went, and luckily I figured that out early in the process.

    You see, just when I was getting started on my eBook Abby Lawson at Just a Girl and Her Blog launched an eCourse called Book Boss, which was meant to help you write and launch an eBook in 90 days. Since it was at a launch price that seemed like a steal, I impulsively bought the course. Let me just say – best decision ever. In this post, I’m going to run you through what I loved about the course, and give you some guidance on how to write an eBook.


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    Know Your Audience


    My eBook idea changed a LOT from the time I had the idea of writing one until the time I actually wrote one. Part of the reason for that was that my blog changed a lot too! When I first started blogging, I blogged about just about EVERYTHING. I had no clear focus, and therefore no clear audience.

    Finally, when I was really ready to dig into my eBook, I did a survey to find out more about my readers and what they wanted from me.

    At this point, I had become more and more passionate about writing about both blogging and productivity, and a quick reader survey showed me that those topics were perfect! The majority of my readers have their own blog, but most of them also have a job outside the home, meaning they’re balancing the two. The survey showed me that people were struggling to find that balance, and I knew I had my topic.

    That’s how I ended up writing Streamline Your Side-Hustle, to help people balance their blogs, their jobs, and everything in between.


    Set an End Date


    I set the goal of writing an eBook in 2015 but didn’t really start writing it until July of 2016. I continued to tell myself I would get to it eventually, just not yet. Finally, in July I looked at my calendar and picked a date about three months out that I was for sure going to launch my eBook.

    I hadn’t even started writing yet and I was already running out of time! If there’s anything that will light a fire under you to get something accomplished, it’s having a deadline. It becomes even more real when you announce to your readers months early that you have an eBook coming soon because then you have people waiting and counting on you. Accountability at it’s finest!


    Write a Launch Plan


    Despite what I thought when I first set out to write an eBook, you can’t just write something and post it online somewhere and assume that people will buy it. The launch is as important as the writing process itself! Book Boss provides a super comprehensive planner of every single task you’ll do in the 90 days leading up to your launch, so it really made it as simple as possible for me.


    Have People to Sell To


    Writing and launching the eBook is all well and good, but you have to have someone to launch to! I used a free email course on a topic related to my eBook topic to start building my email list months before actually launching my eBook. That way, when the time came to launch, I knew I would have people on my list who were interested in my topic!

    Someone on your email list is going to be WAY more invested in your work than someone reading your blog or following your Instagram account, so getting people onto the email list is key to making sales. And I knew my email subscribers would be interested in my topic because my free email opt-in SUPER relevant to my eBook topic!


    So what about Book Boss?


    I feel super lucky that Abby launched Book Boss when she did. I can’t imagine what my eBook and launch what have looked like without taking that course. The tips I shared above honestly barely scratch the surface of what the course entails.

    Instead of just telling you to have a launch plan, Abby shares the exact launch plan she uses for her own eBooks, complete with a calendar of events. She gives detailed questions she asks in reader surveys to gauge what it is her readers want to learn from her and gives lots of technical advice on setting up landing pages, shopping carts, and more.

    If writing an eBook is something you have considered (I 1000% recommend it!), then you simply can’t go wrong with Book Boss!




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