Why I Rebranded My Blog and Business

by | Oct 23, 2019

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If you’re a regular reader, you might be thinking that something looks a little different. Well, you’d be right! This week, I officially made the leap and rebranded my business to my name, Erin Gobler.

This is something that’s been in the works for a while, and I’m super excited to have finally made the switch.

You’ll still notice some changes over the next several weeks as I make updates to the website and what it is that I offer. 


Why did I rebrand my business?


The biggest reason I decided to rebrand my business is that using my own name is more in line with the goals I have for this website. 

This little blog has changed a heck of a lot in the five years it’s been up and running. It started off as a lifestyle blog that I did as a fun hobby in my spare time.

Once I really found my blogging groove, this site turned into a resource for women who need help with managing their time and reaching their personal and financial goals. 

This site will 100% remain that resource for women. But in the past year, it has also turned into something else. 

Last year I really committed to growing my freelance writing business, using this website as a hub. And to be honest, it was a little confusing to have a website for my freelance writing services that didn’t match the name I was writing under. 

Rebranding my business to my name, Erin Gobler, really allows me to create one personal brand for everything that I do in my business, from my freelance writing services to the resources I offer for women through my blog.


What’s next?


On this blog, you can still expect to find articles aimed at helping you to manage your time and meet your personal and financial goals. That’s not going to change! 

I have some exciting projects I’m going to be working on over the next few months to help to bring you even more value from this site. Otherwise, you can expect things to stay pretty much the same!


Final Thoughts


I’m so excited to finally have made the switch to the new brand name! If you’ve been following around for a while, I’m so grateful to have you here. If you’re new around here, I hope you find this site to be a valuable resource for reaching your biggest goals!

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