How to Create a Productive Evening Routine

by | Nov 3, 2016

Because I blog as a side-hustle, I rarely get to have those evenings where I get home from work and totally relax the rest of the night. Most of my evenings are spent blogging.

Because I don’t want blogging to take up ALL of my free time, I’ve learned how to make my evenings as productive as possible so I can set aside time to devote to blogging and housework, as well as have some time to relax, spend time with friends and family, and focus on myself.

I know so many of you are in the same position where you’re balancing a blog with a full-time, so I wanted to share my favorite tips on how to craft a productive evening routine.


How to Create a Productive Evening Routine





Craft a To-Do List


In case you missed the first 10000 times I’ve mentioned it, I’m a big fan of to-do lists. Like, the biggest fan. When I get home from work and get ready to get to work again, I always take a look at my to-do list. I tend to add things to specific days throughout the week and reevaluate the night before, so my list is usually pretty comprehensive when I sit down in my home office. But I do like to take another look and add any last-minute tasks I may have thought of.

I always like to start with the biggest task on the list, knowing that’s the one that’s going to take the longest. Once I get that done, everything else seems like a breeze!

If you’re struggling with your to-do list, make sure to check out this post I wrote on why your to-do list isn’t working.


Learn to Multitask


I talked all about how to multitask the right way in a recent blog post. The evening is when I do all of my blogging and all of my housework, so it’s important that I learn to find balance in those hours.

I’ve crafted a few ways to multitask those areas by pairing one task that requires basically just my physical presence, with another that requires my mind. I also usually have either laundry or dishes running in the background while I blog.


Get Comfortable


By the time I get home and am ready to tackle some blog or housework, I’ve been wearing my work clothes for 9 hours. So you better believe that when I’m working at home and don’t have to dress up, I’m wearing something super comfortable like sweatpants or leggings along with some slippers.


Make Time for Relaxation


Regardless of what blog work or housework I have to get done on any given evening, I always make sure to set aside some time to relax! For me this means spending time reading, catching up on my favorite shows, or spending time with friends.

Evenings can be overwhelming when I have a lot to get done, and knowing I’ll have that bit of actual free time really helps.


Prepare for Tomorrow


I have always struggled with mornings. I find that my mind is all over the place and I really can’t accomplish anything or remember anything. Because of this, I try to totally prepare for the next day each evening. This means making my lunch ahead of time, showering in the evenings, picking out my outfit and deciding how I’ll style my hair (because zero decisions are made by me in the AM.)

I also find it helpful to make a to-do list for the next day and figure out what my top goals are going to be. That makes it so much easier to really dig in right away when I get to work the next day, and once again when I get home in the evening.




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How to Craft a Productive Evening Routine | When you've got a side-hustle, you have to use your evenings productively! Click through to find out how.

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