The Best Podcasts for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs


So, I have a confession. I was a little late to the podcast train. I spent literally years watching some of my favorite bloggers recommending podcasts before I finally gave in. 

Then a few years ago I finally gave in and checked out a few podcasts. And I was HOOKED. 

Now I have a handful of podcasts that I listen to regularly — I’ve probably got too many in my regular rotation right now!

I also have a ton of other podcasts that I’ll check out once in a while when an episode that really interests me pops up. 

In this episode, I’m sharing some of the best podcasts for bloggers and entrepreneurs to listen to. 

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The Best Podcasts for Bloggers & Entrepreneurs


The Goal Digger Podcast


When I finally jumped on the podcast train, Jenna’s Goal Digger Podcast was one of the first podcasts I listened to! I had been following Jenna for a long time, so I just knew I was going to love her podcast. 

Let me tell you, I have not been disappointed. 

In case you’re not familiar with Jenna, she started a photography side hustle alongside her full-time corporate gig and has turned it into a multimillion-dollar business. In her podcast, she covers just about everything you need to know to grow your own business, whether it’s a side hustle or your full-time job. 

She does a mix of solo episodes (where she deep dives into important topics) and interviews (where she shares amazing secrets from other entrepreneurs). 

One of my favorite things about her podcast is that she isn’t just talking about business. She and her guests are also talking about other topics that are important to female business owners. Those topics include marriage, motherhood, body image, and finding balance in life. 


Online Marketing Made Easy


Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield is one of the OG podcasts for bloggers — seriously, she’s been podcasting since 2013. 

In her podcast, Amy talks all things online business. 

I love her podcast because even though she’s been around in online business forever and is super successful, she still caters to online business owners at every level. 

So if you’re just starting your blog, her podcast is for you. And if you’ve already got a successful six-figure online business, her podcast is for you. 

One thing that’s definitely unique about Amy’s podcast is that every single episode gives you a set of actionable strategies you can implement immediately. 


Smart Passive Income


If you’ve been in the blogging world for any amount of time, you’ve probably already heard of Pat Flynn and his Smart Passive Income podcast. 

In his podcast, Pat talks about the importance of passive income and of creating multiple streams of income. I first stumbled upon his work because he’s basically a genius when it comes to affiliate marketing!

Pat is a self-programed crash test dummy when it comes to online business. So he sees new trends (or let’s be honest, invents them) and then tests them out in his own business so he can report back to his audience. 

I also love how open Pat is about his wins and losses along the way. In many ways, Pat’s business isn’t relatable to most of us. Let’s be real, most of us aren’t making millions from our businesses. But because he’s so open about his struggles early on (after all, his whole business started because he got fired), he’s so much more relatable. 


She Did It Her Way


If you’re a female blogger or business owner who is side hustling, She Did It Her Way by Amanda Boleyn is the podcast for you. 

In this podcast, Amanda talks women through the process of starting their own businesses and making the leap to becoming a full-time entrepreneur. 

I used to stress so freaking much about eventually quitting my full-time job to pursue my side hustle completely. It really felt like there would never be a good time and I would never be ready. 

Not only has Amanda’s podcast validated those feelings (no one ever feels ready), but it’s given me so many tips to help make that transition easier when the time comes. 

Amanda knows that us side hustlers don’t have a lot of free time, so she shares productivity tips to help get it all done. 

She also shares a lot of strategies to help get your mindset in the right place to be making the leap to full-time entrepreneur. 


Simple Pin Podcast


You guys, I love Pinterest. My love for Pinterest started in college when I was pinning recipes and outfit ideas. And that love has only grown since Pinterest has been absolutely key to growing my blog. 

Simple Pin Podcast by Kate Ahl is probably the single best resource I have found to learn how to grow your blog with Pinterest. It’s crazy to find a free resource that offers so much value!

Kate runs a Pinterest management company, so she is literally in Pinterest all day, every day. This means that all of the strategies she offers are based on data-driven, proven results that she’s gotten with her clients. 

She’s on top of every update to Pinterest and their algorithm, as well as the latest Pinterest trends. 

She’s also able to debunk a lot of the Pinterest myths that go around and gives you simple, honest strategies to follow to consistently grow your Pinterest traffic. 


The Rise Podcast


Alright, so you probably don’t need me to tell you who Rachel Hollis is. She’s the best selling author of Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing. She and her husband Dave Hollis are also the hosts of the Rise podcast

The Rise podcast is a mix of business advice and personal development advice for online business owners. The episodes are a mix of big-picture inspirational stories and really actionable advice that you can use in your own life. 

She’s hosted some of my favorite business owners on the podcast, including Gretchen Rubin and Marie Forleo.

I also love that despite being ridiculously successful, Rachel and her husband Dave are also super relatable on the podcast. 


Laptop Empires


If you want to start or grow your side hustle, this podcast should be one of your first stops. The hosts of Laptop Empires, Bobby and Mike, talk all things side hustles and growing a business to either replace your full-time gig or just increase your income. 

They cover a lot of the basics of blogging and online business in general and share super actionable advice. Every time I listen to their podcast, I find myself taking notes on things I can implement right away. 


Final Thoughts


I hope you enjoyed this list and have found at least a couple of new podcasts to check out. There are so, so many more podcasts for entrepreneurs out there. I considered including many more on my list but really wanted to limit my recommendations to my absolute favorite business podcasts and the ones I genuinely get the most out of. 

I would also love to hear what you guys think! If you have a favorite blogging podcast, leave a comment and let us know so we can all go check it out!