After years of blogging, it’s safe to say I’ve had my fair share of writer’s block. Sometimes the blog posts flow easily, and sometimes I’m at a total standstill and I can’t write anything! Over the past two years I’ve come up with plenty of strategies to use to overcome writer’s block, and I think you’ll find them helpful as well!


How to Overcome Writer's Block





Look For Inspiration


When I’m hitting writer’s block, the first thing I do is look for inspiration for new posts! Often I’ll use my old blog posts to come up with ideas for new ones! I’ll check out my Google Analytics, see what my most popular blog posts are, and figure out what else I can write about on that topic that my audience would like. Another way to use your old blog posts is through comments. Often readers will ask questions or for more information in the comments, and those are perfect ideas to use for future blog posts!

Another place I love to look for inspiration is Pinterest! No one is surprised by this one, we all use Pinterest for inspiration! A quick scroll through a Pinterest search about your niche will give you loads of post ideas. I’m not saying you should be copying posts other people have already written, but I promise it will drum up inspiration about post ideas of your own.

Finally, check out some Facebook groups! I’m a part of tons of Facebook groups, and I can tell you people are constantly asking for advice on one topic or another. Join a group where your target audience is hanging out, and start jotting down the questions people are asking.


Change Your Environment


If you work from home, being in the same environment day in and day out can get exhausting and stifle your creativity. If you’re having a hard time knocking out blog posts, try to change up your environment. Work out on the patio or check out a local coffee shop! Most places have WiFi these days, which makes it so much easier to find places to work outside the home!


Write Something Else


If you’re writing a book, a term paper, or an extra long blog post that you’ve been working on for ages, try to change it up by writing something else. Do some creative writing just for you, write in a journal, etc. Sometimes just getting the creative juices flowing elsewhere is enough to bring that creativity back to what you’re working on.


Eliminate Distractions


When I’m writing a blog post, I don’t just have the one tab open. I have my blog tab open, along with half a dozen or more others such as email, Facebook, Etsy, and my Google Drive. Plus I might be listening to music or a podcast while trying to write. I’m guessing I’m not alone here! If you’re finding it difficult to focus on what you’re writing, delete all the other tabs and see if you’re really at writer’s block, or if you’re just too distracted to focus!


Step Away From The Screen


Sometimes writer’s block comes from burnout, and there’s no way to get away from it other than stepping away from the screen and taking a break from writing. If I’ve been writing like crazy, taking a few days off can absolutely help clear my mind. Seriously, we just got back from a 4-day camping trip where I had no computer access, and I felt more motivated to write than ever when I got back!



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