How to Make Working Out More Fun

by | Feb 28, 2017

For some people working out is a necessary evil, but you’re a lot more likely to stick with it if you turn it into a fun activity! Figuring out which workouts I genuinely enjoy and find myself wanting to do again and again has been absolutely essential to sticking with a regular workout routine. Here are some tips to help you make working out more fun!


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Get New Workout Clothes


Let’s be real, working out is 100000% more fun when you have fun new workout clothes to show off. I always feel super motivated right after getting new workout clothes. Part of it is that I love to wear any new clothes. The other part is that knowing I just made a financial investment in my workouts in the form of new clothes is more likely to make me put that investment to good use.


Find a Workout You Love


Finding workouts that I genuinely enjoy has made a huge difference for me. Working out can so often feel like a chore, and it’s a lot harder for me to stick with it that way. I’ve learned what my favorite workout activities are, both at the gym and at home when I’m doing workout videos. I will say that over time I’ve come to enjoy some workouts more (I used to hate running and now I’ve actually come to enjoy it.)


Make it a Group Activity


Working out with other people can be way more fun! Working out with a friend, you can find a fun activity to do together and enjoy each other’s company while getting a workout in. Try working out with a friend or significant other who can be your workout buddy. Not only do your workouts get less lonely and more fun, but you also have someone to hold yourself accountable.


Find a Workout That Doesn’t Feel Like a Workout


Not all working out has to happen in the gym! The options are literally endless. Find a way combine hobbies with fitness. If you’re someone who loves hiking or swimming, embrace that. Those are both great workouts! There are so many hiking trails around our city that I really want to check out. Biking is another one that never feels like a real workout to me, as long as I’m doing it outside.


Reward Yourself


For some people no matter how “fun” they try to make their workout, it will always feel a chore, yet staying physically active really is super important. If you’re one of those people, try instead to come out with a reward system. I would avoid a reward system that includes junk food, because those can be really counterproductive, but create a system for yourself where for every month you meet your workout goal, you splurge on yourself in some way. Maybe it’s your regular manicure, or maybe you’re a shoe addict. Either way, find something that can actually keep you working out, even if you don’t want to.




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