What to Do When You Need Workout Motivation

by | Apr 20, 2016

Working out in high school was so easy – no workout motivation necessary! I didn’t have to force myself onto the elliptical. I didn’t have to schedule my workouts or lay on the couch repeatedly telling myself to get up and do something active. I didn’t have to because I was constantly working out. I played every sport under the sun and was on the dance team, which is a year-round sport.

College wasn’t too bad either. No, I wasn’t playing sports. But I was walking to class daily and waiting tables. And for those of you who haven’t waited tables before, it basically includes power walking for hours at a time.

Things went downhill after college. I sit at a desk for 8-9 hours every day. Then I go home, somehow exhausted from my hours of sitting, and working out is just about the last thing I want to do. So I’ve come up with a few strategies when you need workout motivation, and hopefully, they’ll work for you too! Here are some ideas to motivate yourself to work out.


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Love Your Workout Clothes


Am I the only one who thinks working out is more fun when you’re wearing cute workout clothes? I’m not sure what it is, but it definitely makes a difference in my workout motivation. The first thing I did when I wanted to get serious about working out invested in some workout clothes I loved.


Find Your Ideal Workout Time


I think it’s super important to find a time when working out is ideal for you. And realistic. I can tell myself day after day that I’m going to get up in the morning and work out before work. But is it ever going to happen? Doubtful. I’m not a morning person, and adding anything else to my morning is just not an option at this point. I’ll turn that alarm off every morning. Working out in the evening is a better option for me. I find that I’m most likely to follow through if I plan to do it immediately after work. If I plan a late-night workout after I’ve eaten dinner and had time to lounge and watch TV, I’m unlikely to find my workout motivation again!

Maybe you are a morning person, and would rather get it out of the way first thing. That’s great! Then working out before school or work is probably the best course of action for you!


Mix Up Your Workout


Doing the same workout day after day can get stale, and it’s hard to get excited about your workout. I definitely recommend finding a workout you genuinely enjoy and mixing it up so you aren’t doing the same one day after day. If you’re a runner your workout is probably similar each day. But you can mix it up by finding new trails to run on, instead of limiting yourself to the treadmill. For at-home exercisers, there is literally an endless supply of workout videos available online! I love that I can do a different workout each and every day, and I can try new workouts I would never have done otherwise.


Get a Gym Membership


Going to the gym isn’t really my thing, but I know it works for a lot of people! One big motivator for me when I did have a gym membership is that I was spending money on it each month, and don’t want to allow myself to waste that money.

A gym membership is also convenient if you don’t have workout equipment at home. They’ve got all the equipment you need, so no other investment is necessary. This is ideal if you’ve got a small home and can’t fit in any workout equipment.


Remember Your Why


Of all the tips I shared, I think this one is most important. I know plenty of people who truly enjoy working out, and it’s an important part of their day. But I know more people who are trying to get in better shape and reach fitness goals and struggle because fitness doesn’t come naturally to them. But remember why you’re doing it is immensely important in maintaining your workout motivation.

One of the biggest benefits I see from working out regularly is that it is really great for my mental health. I tend to carry my stress and anxieties around with me, and working out is a great way to get out some of the steam and to clear my head for a while.



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