Blogging has been one of the greatest joys and great challenges of my life. It has brought me complete joy when things have gone perfectly, and it has pushed me into frustration when they haven’t.

One thing that has truly changed the direction of my blog and caused me to enjoy my blogging experience immensely more is the relationships I have formed with other bloggers. Over the years, I have managed to make some amazing blogging friends.

These relationships have been a big part of the success of my blog, and they have made the most frustrating parts of blogging a little more bearable.

If you’ve been blogging a while, you know how amazing these blogging relationships can be. If this is something you would like to improve upon, this post is definitely for you, because I’m sharing a few tips to help you form relationships with other bloggers.


How to Form Relationships With Other Bloggers





Facebook Groups


Joining Facebook communities has become my favorite way to form relationships with other bloggers. I have met some amazing bloggers that way, some of whom have become good friends!

The benefits of these Facebook communities are endless. Many offer daily comment and social media threads where you can drive traffic to your blog and connect with other bloggers on social media. Others are just an outlet for bloggers to ask questions, get feedback, and gain moral support from others in the industry.

It gives you an opportunity to form real connections, even when you’re sitting behind your computer screen.


Connect on Social Media


Commenting on another blogger’s social media page is a GREAT way to start building a relationship. Something as simple as commenting on an Instagram post is a really good way to get the conversation started.

A lot of times these things just happen naturally as you find yourself really connecting with certain bloggers.

Sharing more of yourself on your social media, such as on Instagram stories, is also a great way to open the door for others to connect with you. By sharing more of YOU, the people who have a lot in common will connect with you!


Comment on Other Blogs

Commenting on other blogs is a phenomenal way to connect with other bloggers. I might not remember every person who comments on my blog. But if I notice a blogger who regularly leaves genuine comments on my blog, I’m definitely going to head over to check out their blog!

This has personally been a great way for me to form relationships with other bloggers as well. Through social media or Facebook communities, I might find myself enjoying the same blogs again and again, and leaving them comments to tell them so. And soon, I notice those same bloggers are commenting on my posts regularly.

If you’ve got the time in your day, I recommend commenting on at least 5 other blogs each day. This is easy to do if you’re part of Facebook communities. I also love using Bloglovin’ to follow other blogs and find out when my favorite bloggers have a new blog post up.

Guest Posting

Guest posting on other blogs is a great way to form relationships with other bloggers for multiple reasons.

First, you get a chance to network with the blogger whose blog you’re guest posting on. But even more than that, you get a chance to connect with a whole new set of readers! If you write an amazing post, you’ll definitely leave an impression with that blogger and might be invited back to guest post again. In addition, you’ll likely send some of their audience over to check out your own blog!

Guest posting opportunities can be difficult to find when you first start blogging. But Facebook groups are a great way to learn about them, as many bloggers turn to those Facebook groups to find guest posters for their blogs.




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How to Form Relationships With Other Bloggers | Starting a blog or online business can be a challenge, but it's always easier when you form relationships with others in the industry. Here's how!