How to Deal With Disappointment

by | Jul 14, 2016

We ALL deal with disappointment sometimes. It sucks, it’s hard, and often times we let it knock us down. But instead of looking at disappointment as the end, I wanted to share a few tips to help deal with disappointment and turn it into something positive instead of something negative.


How to Deal With Disappointment





Deal With Those Emotions


Regardless of the situation, we should be learning to deal with our emotions. I don’t deal with stress well. Honestly, sometimes I don’t even realize how stressed I am because I don’t acknowledge those feelings.

What happens instead is that I get physically ill. I get sick, I’m in pain, and I can’t bring myself to connect it to stress until I’ve talked it out with someone.

Learning to properly deal with your emotions and deal with disappointment is essential. Rather than shoving those feelings aside acknowledge them, talk them out with someone, and let yourself feel them rather than avoiding them.


Put Things in Perspective


Disappointment sucks, but use it as an opportunity to gain some perspective on the situation. It’s so easy to feel sorry for ourselves when we deal with disappointment!  But in the grand scheme of things, be realistic about what it means for your life as a whole.

Maybe you didn’t get a promotion you really wanted. Do you still have a job? Literally, every person deals with disappointment at some point. You are not unique in that. Instead of focusing on one solitary event, focus on your situation as a whole.


Reevaluate Your Expectations


As hard as it can be to admit, sometimes we have unrealistic expectations. A major blow or disappointment is the perfect time to reevaluate those expectations. Maybe they were too high. Maybe they weren’t high enough and we got lazy. Or maybe the expectations we once had for ourselves are no longer lined up with our passions and goals. Or, maybe you’ll reevaluate and decide that you absolutely have the same goals and expectations, but that you simply have to put in more work than you were.

Whichever you decide, it will help you refocus and get remotivated!


Remember Your Why


Disappointment is a true test. We can give up, or we can push forward. Always remembering your why is essential to being able to come back from that disappointment.

Let’s look at blogging. So many bloggers arrive on the scene each and every day. And you know what? Most of them are going to give up. Some of them stick it out for a long time and then give up when things aren’t improving. Maybe their traffic isn’t growing, or they haven’t found a way to monetize.

And I get it because I get frustrated with blogging sometimes. So frustrated. I think we’ve all been there at one point or another.

When I start to get frustrated with blogging or deal with disappointment, I think about why I do this. Why did I start this blog? Why do I put in hours and hours of work each week, after working a full day at my regular job? Because there is a reason. Reigniting my passion for blogging, whether I’m making money or not, is the key remotivating myself after disappointment.


Turn Disappointment Into Action


Disappointment sucks, but it’s also an opportunity. When something doesn’t pan out the way we hoped, we’re given the chance to make something new of it. Perhaps you didn’t get a job you had applied for and really wanted. Sure, it’s a tough blow. But you now have a chance to find a job that is even more perfect for you!

If nothing else, disappointment shows us that success isn’t going to fall into our lap, and hopefully going through disappointment can give us the motivation to push through and accomplish something even better than we originally hoped for.




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How to Deal With Disappointment | No one likes dealing with disappointment. This post is full of tips on making it easier.

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