How to Create a Night Time Routine for the Best Night’s Sleep


I have struggled with sleep for years. I remember even as a kid lying awake in my bed for hours, unable to fall asleep. My brother struggles the same way and in high school the two of us would stay up all night, night after night watching TV to avoid the sleep struggle. The late night studying and socializing in college didn’t help at all. Even now, no matter how tired I am, I’ll have nights where I just lie there and wonder why I can’t sleep. Luckily things have gotten better over the last couple of years because I’ve created a night time routine and found strategies that help me get a better night’s sleep!

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Be Consistent in Your Routine

My nights have become significantly more productive since I began a solid, consistent night time routine. Throughout college, and even after, I was the biggest offender of going to sleep without washing my makeup off. I would be laying in bed or on the couch watching TV, and I would just get too tired. And this included other things I should have been doing in the evening as well. But now that I have a normal night time routine that I do every single night before laying down, it has gotten significantly easier to get everything done! And I feel so much better going to sleep with a fresh, clean face!

Switch to Decaf

So many people I know turn to coffee or soda in the evenings. I have been guilty of this as well. But if you’re hoping ot get to bed at a normal time and get a good night’s sleep, that caffeine in the evening is probably not the way to go. Instead, try a decaffeinated tea! I have cut out coffee in the evenings and go for tea or water instead, and I’ve noticed a difference.

Plan for Tomorrow

It might not seem like preparing for tomorrow would be part of a night time routine or have much relevance for getting a good night’s sleep, but it definitely can! My mind wanders a lot at night as I’m trying to fall asleep. If I’m laying in bed and remember something I have to do the next day but haven’t written down, I’ll go crazy worrying I’ll forget before morning! I have to have things written down. If there are things I know I need to do tomorrow that I might forget otherwise, I write them down. The biggest culprit is often if we’re going out of town the next day. I’ll spend at least an hour running my mind through all the things I need to pack, hoping I haven’t forgotten them when I wake up. It’s easiest just to leave myself a note on the dresser or bathroom counter where I know I’ll see it.

Plan for Tomorrow - Advil PM

End the Night on a Happy Note

Regardless of what we have going on in the evening (cleaning, blogging, seeing family or friends, etc) Dave and I always end the night the same way. We always put everything else aside for the night and watch at least one episode of a favorite show and just focus on each other. It’s nice to know that no matter how busy we are, we’ll always have that time together. And it’s something I look forward to each day!

Try a Sleep Aid

If tea isn’t your thing, try a product such as Emergen-Zzz* to help you wind down. It’s a sleep aid that comes in the form of a melatonin infused drink mix with flavors such as Peach and Nighttime Berry. It will give you your flavor fix before bed, but will actually help you fall asleep. If you’re like me and have a desk job that can be rough on your back, you might also go for something like Advil PM to relieve minor pain. It will make falling asleep just that much easier!


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