Steps to Take When You’re Feeling Burnt Out

by | Jun 20, 2017

Feeling burnt out? I’ve been there. We’ve all been there! Life and work had just gotten to be too much and I was feeling really burnt out. Luckily I took some time and practiced some self-care and am back feeling much more refreshed. Here are a few steps to take next time you’re feeling burnt out!


steps to take when you're feeling burnt out





Take a Break


The first and most obvious step to take when you’re feeling burnt out is to take a break from whatever it is that is burning you out. Obviously, there are some things that we simply can’t step away from, such as jobs and parenting. However, you can work on finding things in your life you can take a break from that are contributing to burnout. Having both a full-time job and a blog (that feels like a full-time job) was really draining on me. I can’t take a break from my day job, so taking a break from blogging was the obvious choice.

Find whatever it is in your schedule that is contributing to the burnout and taking up time in your week, but that is also dispensable, at least temporarily.


Make Time For Self-Care


If you reach the point where you burn out, chances are you haven’t been focusing enough on self-care. For most of us, I feel like this is the first thing to get cut when we’re short on time. Try to take whatever time you can each day, even if it’s only 15 minutes, to focus on self-care, whatever that means for you. 


Prioritize Your Health


In addition to being really tough mentally, burnout can also take a toll on your physical health. First of all, chances are you aren’t getting enough rest and your body is getting exhausted. When I reach burnout, I’m also more likely to cut out workouts to make time for other responsibilities and am relying mostly on foods that are quick and convenient rather than nutritious. While it may seem like an additional drain to have to focus on these things as well as everything else you have going on, you’ll be far more productive and focused when you’re physically at your best.


Learn to Say No


When you’re a people-pleaser like I am, this one can seem daunting. I just don’t like to say no. Unfortunately, if the extra commitments you’re doing for others are starting to take up too much of your time and mental energy, it’s time to start saying no more often. Don’t worry, the people in your life will understand.


Reassess and Make Changes


The last step to dealing with burnout is making sure it doesn’t happen again in the future. For me, this means identifying what it is that is contributing to my burnout and figuring out how I can either minimize it, adapt it, or remove it from my life. In the past, this has meant cutting back on the number of blog posts I publish each week and finding ways to automate my blog promotion so I’m spending less time on social media.




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Steps to Take When You're Feeling Burnt Out | Feeling burnt out? I’ve been there and it can be super frustrating!! Here are a few steps to take when you’re feeling burnt out.

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