Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, you just cannot get your home fully organized? Whew, glad it’s not just me! Home organization can be super tough, especially when you’re just getting settled in a new home. If you feel like you’re failing at home organization, there may be a very good reason. And it’s time to find out what that reason is! Here are 6 reasons you just might be failing at home organization.


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You Have Too Much Stuff


If you’re having trouble organizing all your stuff, there’s a good chance it’s because you have too much! Now certainly this is all relative, depending on the size of your home. I live in a studio apartment, so my home hits max capacity much quicker than most people.

Consider decluttering to be a necessary first step in home organization. Go through your belongings, figure out what must stay, and figure out what can definitely go. Decluttering can be overwhelming, so it’s okay to start slow. But I swear it gets easier once you get going!


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You Don’t Have a Space for Everything


Your goal when it comes to organizing should be to have a place for everything. The older I get, I notice that I’m becoming more and more impatient when it comes to clutter on counters, shelves, and tables. I also started slowly realizing that some of the items that were bothering me were always sitting out simply because I didn’t have another home for them.

There are some items that I use on a daily basis (or maybe even more than once per day) that sit out almost all the time, simply because they’re used so often. But even those items I have a home for, just in case company comes over or I want to make the place really spotless.


You Keep Things For the Wrong Reason


If you’re having trouble organizing with certain items and finding a home for them, it might be because you’re keeping them for the wrong reason. A lot of time we end up keeping items, not because they’re functional and regularly used, but because we think we may end up using them at some point, or because they were expensive and we feel like donating them would be a waste. Some might be items that we have multiples of. And sure, maybe you use those items. But do you really need more than one?

As you’re organizing (and hopefully decluttering), take a hard look at the items you’re having trouble finding a place for and ask yourself if you really need to keep them. When was the last time you used the item? Do you anticipate using it in the next six months? Really be brutally honest with yourself and decide if you’re keeping it because you actually need it, or if there’s a different reason behind it.


You Don’t Have Systems in Place


If you notice the same items continuing to pile up, it may be time to come up with a system to get the clutter in check. A really common type of clutter that’s really easy to address is paper clutter. These days it’s so easy to digitize your papers so they aren’t taking up space in your home. You’ll still have the important documents you need, but don’t have to house them in boxes or file cabinets that take up space. Most companies also give the option of paperless billing, which is a super easy way to cut down on paper clutter.

Paper clutter isn’t the only kind you can address by having systems in place. Maybe it’s that your entryway becomes constantly cluttered with coats, purses, and shoes, and a simple entryway system would help cut down on that. Pinterest is a great place for organization inspiration, so whatever space in your home is giving you trouble, hop on Pinterest and search for what systems other people have made work.


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You’re Taking the Set-It and Forget-It Approach


Home organization is not a set-it and forget it type of project. You can’t organize your home once and hope that everything will continue to fall into place. Setting up organizing systems in your home is a great first start, but those systems really only work if you continue to stick to them and put in the few extra minutes each day it takes to keep things under control.


You’re Using the Wrong Tools


Whether you’re moving into a new home or trying to organize a space in your current home that desperately needs it, remember you aren’t limited to just the space configuration that’s already there!

When I moved into my studio apartment this year, the limited storage space in the bathroom made things difficult. Everything got thrown in the one cupboard under the sink, and I could never find what I was looking for!

Luckily a quick trip to Target allowed me to find a few drawers and baskets that quickly transformed the space from totally chaotic to totally organized.

Whatever space it is that you’re struggling with, just remember that additional tools might be just the thing to help you find the organization you’ve been searching for!




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6 Reasons You’re Failing at Home Organization - Feel like your home is ALWAYS a mess? Here are 6 reasons you just may be failing at home organization.