How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

by | Mar 21, 2017

Eating healthy can be a challenge, as can eating on a budget. Unfortunately, that means eating healthy on a budget can sometimes feel impossible. But it’s not! Over the last several years I’ve learned some GREAT strategies for how to eat healthy on a budget!


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Cook Meals at Home


This one is pretty obvious, but I’m going to say it anyway because I’m guessing it’s a struggle for most of us. The biggest downfall for me when it comes to keeping my food costs down is ordering out or picking up fast food too often. I love going out to eat, and often rely on delivery when I’m too lazy or tired to cook. Unfortunately, that can get expensive. When I want to cut back on my food budget, I focus on cooking at home more. It’s also so much easier to eat healthier because you have all the control over what goes into your meal.


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Meal Plan and Make a List Ahead


Meal planning has managed to save me a lot of money on food. I sit down each week and write a meal plan for everything I’m going to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I also account for snacks, or nights I might be having friends over. Knowing exactly what food I’ll be using has really helped me cut down on overbuying and wasting food. I use the meal plan to make a grocery list, then I only shop off the list.

Meal planning has also helped me to eat healthier. When I haven’t planned a meal ahead of time, I’m more likely to grab something out. And when I grab something out, it’s more often than not something less than healthy. I am doing better about being conscious of my food choices when eating out, but cooking at home is even better!

The meal planning and grocery list notepads in my shop have become my favorite tools to use for this every single week!


Look For Sales and Plan Your Meals Around Them


Before I grocery shop each weekend, I check out the flyers for my go-to stores to see what’s on sale. I specifically look for anything that I buy occasionally anyways. When there’s a sale on something I eat regularly, I’ll stock up for a while. Since meat tends to be one of the most expensive items on the grocery list, I also see which store is having sales on meats we use regularly. If one store is having a great sale on a certain meat, we’ll likely do our shopping there and plan our meals around that meat for the week.


Shop More Than One Store


I know it can be a pain, but shopping at more than one store can sometimes really make a difference in the price. I actually enjoy grocery shopping (though I definitely know not everyone does) so I’m not averse to hitting more than one store if it’s going to save me money. Shopping at more than one store is most efficient when 1) you’re shopping at a discount store like ALDI or a bulk store like Costco and 2) when you’re diligently checking out the weekly ads and know what foods are on sale at each store.


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Buy in Bulk When It Makes Sense


If there are certain foods that you go through quickly, it makes sense to buy them in bulk when you can. I tend to eat a lot of rice, so I always opt for a larger bag that is cheaper per pound. I do the same thing with meats like chicken breast and then freeze what I’m not going to use right away.


Shop Frozen Produce


Unfortunately, produce often goes bad before I have a chance to finish it. I’ve gotten in the habit of buying certain produce fresh that I know for a fact I’ll eat, but often buy frozen so it keeps longer. It’s also super affordable and still super healthy! I typically buy a bunch of bags of frozen veggies when I see they’re on sale, so I’ve always got lots on hand!




Eating healthy on a budget might be hard, but as you can see, it’s NOT impossible! In fact, it’s probably easier than you’d think! I’ve definitely learned some great lessons along the way, especially those I mentioned in this post.

When I was trying to start eating healthy, finding the right meal planning tools made a HUGE difference. Make sure to go check out the meal planning and grocery list notepads in my shop. Trust me, it’s the little things that can make a big difference!

I would love LOVE for you to leave me a comment and let me know your biggest healthy eating tips OR your biggest healthy eating struggles. Let’s help each other!


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How to Eat Healthy on a Budget | Eating healthy can be a challenge, as can eating on a budget. Unfortunately, that means eating healthy on a budget can sometimes feel impossible. But it's not! Over the last several years I've learned some great strategies for eating healthy on a budget, and I'm sharing those with you in this post.

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