• Financial Goals to Help Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet

    The Best Financial Goals to Set in 2020

      If you read my blog often, you know that my finances have been a top priority for me for the past couple of years.  Before I started this journey, I knew almost nothing about money management. Needless to say, there was a huge learning curve.  A huge part of this journey has been setting […]


  • How We’re Planning to Pay Off Six Figures of Debt

      Update: Since writing this piece, Brandon and I have paid off all of our non-student loan debt. While saving for our RV, we were also able to pay off our car loan and credit card debt.   One of the first conversations Brandon and I had when we got engaged was the money talk.  […]


  • 7 Strategies to Pay Off Student Loans Faster

    7 Strategies to Pay Off Student Loans Faster

        I remember when I graduated from college, excited to finally move on to the next chapter of my life. I had so many plans for what the next decade would look like. And then I got the bill with the student loans I had racked up for the past four years. It’s a punch to […]


  • How to Plan a Productive Day

    How to Plan a Productive Day

      I talk a lot about productivity on my blog now, but I wasn’t always exactly a productive person. In fact, for a while, I was a super unproductive person.  That’s why I started learning everything I could about how to be more productive! There are a lot of big-picture productivity hacks that might help […]


  • How to Reduce Impulse Buying Once and For All

      Confession: I used to be really bad about impulse shopping.  In college, I would go to the mall, only to leave a few hundred dollars poorer and with bags of clothing that I would probably only wear a few times.  After college, I became an emotional shopper and would resort to spending money instead […]


  • The 4 Best Books About Blogging to Read in 2022

    The 5 Best Books About Blogging to Read in 2019

      In five years of blogging, I have read so freaking many blogging books.  Some of them were amazing and really helped me to move the needle in my business, while others weren’t great.  In this post, I’m talking about the 5 best books about blogging that I have read and that you can read […]


  • How to Create a Personal Development Plan

    How to Create a Personal Development Plan

      If you’ve been around this space for a while, you know how passionate I am about personal development. It’s one of my favorite topics to write about, and something I make a lot of time for in my own life.  This wasn’t always the case, though. Years ago I was feeling stuck. I was […]


  • 55 Productive Things to Do When You Have Downtime

    55 Productive Things to Do When You Have Down Time

      My full-time job, my business, and my personal life all keep me pretty darn busy. It’s not all that often that I have any large amount of downtime.  When I do end up with downtime, I always find myself feeling a little unsure of what to do with my time!  I want to take […]


  • The Best Budget Apps to Help You Manage Your Money

    The Best Budget Apps to Help Your Manage Your Money

      Do you have a monthly budget? I was probably in my early to mid-twenties before I created my first monthly budget. It was definitely eye-opening – I honestly had no idea how much money I was spending every month! When I first started budgeting, I just used a simple spreadsheet. However, there are so […]