Blog Faster: How to Grow Your Blog When You’re Short on Time

by | Oct 24, 2018

Blog Faster: How to Grow Your Blog When You’re Short on Time

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I started this blog in 2014 and since then, have been doing it as a side hustle alongside my day job. And there are definitely weeks where I spend as many hours on my blog as I do at my full-time job. Because of that, I’m ALWAYS looking for ways to blog faster.

If your blog is your side hustle, or you’re blogging while raising a family, I know you can relate to this! You want to be able to grow your blog and be successful, but it takes SO much time!

In this post, I’m sharing some of the best strategies I’ve learned for blogging faster and be able to get more done in less time.




Keep a List of Post Ideas


For most of my first year of blogging, I didn’t plan ahead very well. I would sit down to write my next blog post but would have no idea what to write about. And the amount of time it took me to come up with a blog post idea was almost as long as it took me to actually write the post!

Finally, I got sick of stressing about this EVERY time I wrote a blog post, so I spent an afternoon and came up with a HUGE list of blog post ideas. Basically, I just made a column for each category I write about and spewed out as many post ideas as I could think of. Then I used Pinterest and Google Keyword Planner to help me come up with even more ideas.

Sure, it took me a couple of hours to come up with that initial list. But now I routinely add post ideas to the list, and it takes me almost no time at all.

And if you’re a newer blogger, I promise it gets easier to come up with blog post ideas. Seriously, the more you write, the more ideas you have. Every time I write a blog post, I come up with at least three more post ideas in the process.

And once you have that list of ideas, you’ll be able to sit down and start writing WAY faster!


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Create Post Templates


If there’s one thing that has saved me TONS of time actually writing my posts faster, it’s creating blog post templates. I really regret not doing this until I had already been blogging for almost three years!

Basically, I use almost the same basic layout for just about every blog post. I have a pre-made template of my blog posts saved in my Google Drive. Each time it’s time to write a post, I just make a copy of the template and fill it in with my new blog post.

I always start the writing process by doing some keyword research, so I have a spot near the top of my template to make a list of the keywords I want to use.

Then I make a general outline for the post by filling in my section headings (I usually have 5-10 sections per post).

Once I have my sections laid out, I go through and write each section. I jump around a lot and rarely write them in the order they are in the post. I just write them as I’m feeling inspired to do so.

Finally, once the body of the post is all written, I’ll go back and write an introduction and conclusion. Once I’ve done that I’ll go back and add any links that are relevant and then add the images.

Then you can just copy and paste the whole thing into WordPress before hitting publish!

Honestly, having this template has saved me SO much time writing my blog posts. If you don’t have a template for your blog posts, I would create one ASAP.


Create Image Templates


When it comes to promoting your blog on social media, visuals are SO important! For every blog post I create one image that I use to share the post on Facebook and Twitter and usually 2-3 that I use to share the post on Pinterest.

That’s a LOT of images to create!

Luckily, I created image templates for myself and I can create each of those images in literally a couple of minutes, tops. I use Canva for ALL of my blog images. And because I upgraded to the premium version, Canva for Work, I can create templates to save and use over and over again for every blog post. The other great thing about using templates is that you ensure all of your images fit within your branding, rather than starting from scratch every time and having all of your images be totally inconsistent.

Here are a couple of examples to show how I used one template to create multiple images:


Write Now, Edit Later


When I’m writing my blog posts, I often find myself wanting to edit and perfect the post as I go. I also find that when I do this, it takes WAY longer to write the post. Plus I usually still miss some mistakes.

When I’ve taught myself to do instead is when I’m actually writing the post, just WRITE. I just let the words flow and get the first draft written as quickly as I can.

Then, I like to give it a day or so before I edit, so that I’m really looking at the post with fresh eyes. This makes it a lot easier to catch mistakes or find parts that just don’t sound right.

In addition to helping me to blog faster and edit more accurately, I usually find that the blog post has a LOT more of my voice if I just let the words flow instead of trying to edit as I’m writing.


Automate Your Blog Promotion


When it comes to running a successful blog, writing the actual blog posts is only half the battle. Once the post is published, you still have to promote it to make sure people can actually find it!

I’ve experimented with so many different scheduling tools over the years, and I feel like I’ve finally found what works best for me. Here are my go-to scheduling tools:

  • Tailwind – If you can only afford to invest in one tool to help you grow your blog, make it this one. Tailwind is the tool I use to schedule pins on Pinterest. It’s super easy to use – check out my full tutorial here! Basically, it takes me about an hour to schedule all of my pins for an entire month, making the small investment MORE than worth it. Plus you can sign up for your free Tailwind trial here to figure out if it works for you before you commit!
  • SmarterQueue – It’s taken me a while to find the perfect scheduling tool for Facebook and Twitter, and I finally found it with SmarterQueue. Not only can I easily schedule social media posts to promote my latest blog post, but they also have evergreen promotion. Meaning I can add a post once, and it will share it again and again! This is perfect for getting old content in front of your audience again. Plus SmarterQueue is WAY cheaper than most of the other evergreen scheduling tools (it’s only $19.99/month) and you can try it for free before you commit!
  • Planoly – If you’ve been blogging a while, you know that Instagram is SUPER important these days. Planoly is by far my favorite tool for keeping up with Instagram. They have a drag and drop scheduler so you can figure out the best order for your Instagram posts. Then you can write your captions on the app OR on your desktop. The best part is, you can now schedule IG posts to go live automatically with Planoly, rather than getting a notification and having to still manually post! Planoly is great because it’s free as long as you’re sharing fewer than 30 posts per month, and still super affordable if you’re sharing more than that.


Batch Your Tasks


When it comes to blogging, there are so many random little tasks that you would never even think of until you’ve started blogging. And all those random little tasks really add up to take up a LOT of time.

One way I’ve found to make these tasks go more quickly and more smoothly is by batching tasks.

So what is batching? Basically, you’re creating blocks of time that are dedicated to a certain task, rather than doing that task a little at a time. Here are some examples:

  • Rather than sitting down every single day to post on social media, I sit down once/week (or once/month) and schedule ALL of my upcoming social media posts. I schedule ahead of time for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, so it makes sense to batch this task.
  • I plan out all of my blog posts for the month at once, so I can just dive right in when I sit down to write a post.
  • I sit down once a month and create blog graphics for every post I plan to write that month.
  • I organize my blog finances ONCE a month, on the first of every month.

If you’re having trouble managing your time in other areas of your life as well, seriously look into batching. You can use it in SO many different areas of your life!


Be Okay With Imperfection


As a recovering perfectionist who falls off the wagon pretty often, I can tell you that this one is STILL a challenge for me.

The truth is, you will NEVER write the perfect blog post. It’s not that you’re not a good enough blogger, it’s just that there’s literally no such thing as perfect.

I have found myself writing a blog post, and then editing it for days or weeks. And to be completely honest, there are posts that I’ve written and then NEVER published because I just never felt like I got them quite right. Seriously if I only published blog posts that were perfect, I would never publish anything!

Next time you’ve edited and re-edited a post and still find yourself second-guessing yourself, just hit publish. Publishing a piece of B+ work is 10000x better than never publishing it at all. Especially if it’s something you think can genuinely help someone!


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If you’re trying to grow a blog alongside a full-time job and a personal life, you know it’s NOT easy. Blogging can just be so time-consuming! The tips I shared above will definitely help you to blog faster and cut WAY down on your blogging time!



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