The 18 Best Lifestyle Blogs for Women in 2021


I love reading blogs! I first discovered lifestyle blogs in about 2013, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I have some favorites that I’ve been reading since then, but I’m always finding new blogs to check out.

From a practical standpoint, I love reading blogs that share business and personal finance tips. But I also love reading lifestyle blogs where I can get amazing inspiration.

In this post, I’m sharing 18 of the best lifestyle blogs for women to check out in 2021!


The 18 Best Lifestyle Blogs for Women in 2021


What Is a Lifestyle Blog?


Before we dive into the best lifestyle blogs on the internet right now, let’s talk about what a lifestyle blog actually is.

A lifestyle blog is a curation of interests and activities based on the blogger’s life. These blogs are usually a combination of the blogger’s personal experiences and valuable, informative content for their audience.

It’s important to note that a lifestyle blog is not the same thing as a personal blog. While a personal blog is just a diary of the blogger’s life, it doesn’t necessarily share the informative and inspirational content of a lifestyle blog.

No matter your age, location, season of life, and personal interests, you’ll be able to find a lifestyle blogger you can relate to!

Some topics you’ll commonly find on lifestyle blogs are:

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Home Decor
  • Food
  • Hobbies
  • Travel
  • Motherhood
  • Family
  • Self Care
  • Health & Fitness

You’ll notice that most lifestyle bloggers have a few categories from that list they focus on most often, but they certainly might sprinkle in other topics as well!

Lifestyle blogs also tend to change over time. As the blogger goes through different seasons of life, so does her blog! And her blog often reflects what’s happening in her own life.


The 18 Top Lifestyle Blogs for Women


There are so many amazing blogs in the lifestyle niche that it’s honestly impossible to cover even all of the most popular blogs. That being said, I’ve tried my best to curate a list of lifestyle blogs that are very popular or successful or that I have been a big fan of at one point or another.


The Everygirl

The Everygirl is a blog I’ve been reading for years, and it’s definitely one of my favorites! This site provides just about everything you need to know about as a millennial woman, including career, finance, wellness, travel, relationships, and so much more. Their content is super helpful and relatable!


The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet is a lifestyle blog with a major emphasis on personal finance. Not only do they offer general financial advice, but they also share personal stories and advice for life situations that any millennial woman could find herself in. As I have had to start over both personally and financially over the past couple of years, I’ve found myself taking away more and more from this site.


Advice From a Twenty Something

Advice From a Twenty Something shares tons of advice that any millennial woman will love. The blog covers all aspects of 20-something life such as dating, friendships, career, personal development, and fashion. I find the content on this site to be super relatable. Plus I love that she answers questions from her readers on the site!


Wit and Delight

Wit and Delight is a lifestyle blog that shares personal stories. They share the fashion and home decor advice you’ll see on other, but somehow in a more real and relatable way. I really love the wellness articles and personal stories.


Barefoot Blonde

Barefoot Blonde is a more personal blog, where the blogger, Amber, shares a lot of what is going on in her life. But on top of that, she also shares tips on hair, beauty, fashion, and more.

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess is one of the OG lifestyle blogs. Founded by two sisters, Elsie and Emma, this blog is my go-to for anything creative. They have an amazing collection of home decor projects, receipts, craft ideas, and more. If colorful and creative is your style, you will love this blog!


Cupcakes and Cashmere

Cupcakes and Cashmere is one of the first lifestyle blogs I found when I started reading blogs years ago. The blogger Emily shares articles on fashion and beauty, recipes, home decor, and personal stories. She has also written several books and has her own clothing line.


Gal Meets Glam

Gal Meets Glam is a fashion-centered lifestyle blog where the blogger Julia shares really fun and unique southern style. She also shares some beauty, travel, and home decor content.


A Cup of Jo

A Cup of Jo is one of the most popular women’s lifestyle blogs out there. She covers the content you’ll see on most other lifestyle blogs, such as fashion and beauty. But I also really love that she dives deep into some deeper, more personal topic such as dealing with different relationships and women’s issues.



Corporette is a fashion and lifestyle blog for women in high-achieving careers such as lawyers, bankers, MBAs, and consultants. As a woman who works in a very professional work environment, I love getting fashion advice tailored toward similar careers.


The Skinny Confidential

The Skinny Confidential is the perfect blog for anyone focused on health and fitness, among other things. The creator also has a podcast where she brings on guests to share health and fitness tips and tricks.


Lauren Kay Sims

Lauren Kay Sims is a blog written by, you guessed it, Lauren Sims. It’s a pretty lifestyle blog that covers just about everything, including fashion, beauty, travel, motherhood, fitness, and more. She’s also super active on Instagram stories and shares a lot of tips on there. Some of my personal favorites from her are her skincare tips!


Pink Peonies

Pink Peonies started as a lifestyle blog, but it’s basically turned into an empire. On the blog, Rachel shares advice and inspiration for fashion, home decor, beauty, and more. She also has her own women’s clothing brand.


Sincerely Jules

Sincerely Jules is a lifestyle blog that shares personal style and beauty advice for women. Most of her posts are fashion-related, and she shares amazing photos!


The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is a great lifestyle blog for anyone who loves travel! For years Kiersten has been the go-to resource for solo female travel. She shares advice on every step of the travel-planning process. She also shares inspiration and beautiful photos who are just looking to live vicariously through someone else’s travels.


The Stripe

The Stripe is a fun lifestyle blog for women where the blogger, Grace, shares daily inspiration on personal style, beauty reviews, DIY projects, travel, wellness, and more. I also love what an avid reader Grace is, and she has a “book club” where she shares reviews of the books she reads each month.


Alyson Haley

Alyson Haley covers mostly fashion and beauty on her blog. I’ve been obsessed with her personal style for years, and she’s one of my favorite go-to sources for inspiration. She also does a lot of traveling and shares some incredible travel guides.


A Girl in Progress

A Girl in Progress is a lifestyle blog that focuses strongly on personal development. They share great advice on fitness, mental health, career, and money. And like most lifestyle blogs, they share the occasional fashion and beauty post as well!


How to Start a Lifestyle Blog?


When I first started reading a lot of lifestyle blogs, I became super inspired to start my own! You’ll notice my blog is not a lifestyle blog anymore, but that’s what it started out as!

Now that you’ve been able to explore so many lifestyle blogs, you might be interested in started one for yourself! But how do you get started? Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to get you started.

1. Decide what to blog about. This part can be hard, but you can always change it later! Just think about what topics you’re interested in, and topics that you already know a lot about.

2. Choose a domain name. Try to choose a domain that matches your niche or your own name. I just use my own name!

3. Secure your social media handles. You’ll want to make sure your social media handles match your domain, so grab those ASAP.

4. Sign up for a hosting plan. If you’re starting your blog in WordPress (which I highly recommend), you’ll have to sign up for hosting. The provider that I recommend and personally use is SiteGround. I’ve never had an issue with them and they have amazing customer service! Plus their plans start at only $3.95 per month!

5. Install a theme. Your theme is the framework for your blog design. Pretty much all themes are super customizable, so it’s best to just choose one and get started. My favorite choice is the Divi Theme because it’s a drag and drop theme that allows you to design your blog however you want without knowing any code.


Final Thoughts


I just love reading lifestyle blogs, and that love has only grown the longer I’ve been blogging myself. I love discovering women online who have so much to offer, whether it be some amazing advice or a personality you just can’t help but love.

I’ve also been able to get to know many other bloggers over the past five years, and I can tell you they are some of the most genuine and positive people I have met!

I hope you loved this list, found a new favorite blog, and maybe are even considering starting your own lifestyle blog!



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  1. These are definitely some that I am going to check out now – thanks for sharing! I love finding new bloggers to obsess over and read about with my morning coffee and on my morning commute!

  2. Wow, talk about making my Tuesday morning a million times better! I am so honored to be on this list with other amazing bloggers like Brittany, Amanda, and Chelsea! 🙂 I’ve loved reading your blog these last few months and learn so much not only from your blogging tips posts, but also from how you go about blogging in general. Thanks for your sweet words, Erin! 🙂

  3. I’m obsessed with The Nested Nomad. Brittany has such a beautiful talent for writing about topics we all can relate to. Every post I read I’m thinking “Yes, Yes…someone understands me!” Haha. I’ll definitely check out your other recommendations since I’m always looking for new bloggers to read.

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  7. Yes, yes, yes! I completely agree with you. I only do not know the last one, but I am checking it out now. I would add you to the list as well.

  8. Ashley Prendergast

    Well first of all, thank you for sharing YOURS! I am always excited to check out other blogs and read what others are doing today and what they are going through.

    My personal favorites are Where My Heart Resides by Ashlee Gadd and Sunny With A Chance of Sprinkles by Chelsea.

  9. Erin!! Your words made me tear up this morning! And seriously, your encouragement came right when I needed it, because yesterday was one of those days when I just wanted to shut it all down and forget blogging. (I’m not actually considering that, it was just an emotional moment!) Anyway, thank you so, so much for your sweet words. I love reading your blog too, and I find so much inspiration and connection here! Every time I read one of your posts, my heart shouts “Yes, me too!” Keep up the great work, my friend!

  10. Brittany from Nested Nomad is not only an old friend, but also has been SUCH a huge help now that I have started blogging. Couldn’t agree more with your review of her writing!

  11. I’m an avid follower at many of these blogs! Haven’t checked out The New Wifestyle yet, but I’ll be sure to pop over because 1) on a good list 2) hilarious pun blog name (my fave!) 3) you haven’t steered me wrong yet Erin!


  12. I will definitely be checking out these lifestyle blogs! I am always looking for more blogs to read for inspiration and lately I have been loving blogs about ways to make yourself a better person. I just started reading The New Wifestyle a few weeks ago, and I’m loving her view on relationships and marriage. (I’m not married yet, but I figured it won’t hurt to read about it beforehand haha!)

  13. Oh, Erin! I am so so honored to be featured in thus list! I also find so much inspiration from your blog too! I also agree with the fact that lifestyle blogs are so diverse and inspirational, that I always seem to learn something new from someone else’s life! I am also in love with all of these other blogs on the list. Everyone has a different story to share, but we can all learn something from each of them (:

  14. I LOVE finding new blogs to follow. I’m blog stalking all of these as I type this. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  15. I have too many to choose from! Being a part of so many facebook groups for bloggers means that I am always introduced to some amazing bloggers too…#bloglove

  16. All of these blogs are so good! I love Amanda’s and Chelsea’s II and Lauren’s blog has been such a great discovery for me recently!

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  22. Hi Erin,

    As someone who is only just losing their blog ‘virginity’ I Just wanted to say that I love the community feel within the blog world and posts like this really reinforce that. I thinks it’s amazing you all not only put so much time into your own posts but support and help each other too! I’m at the begining of an exciting journey with lots to learn and I’m enjoying every new discovery. So, thanks to you, and all the other bloggers out there, for the inspiration!
    Gem x

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  24. I enjoyed reading this and getting some new ideas of blogs to consider! I am very new to the world of blogging so I appreciate you highlighting some blogs that have stood out to you. It is helpful to have one blog like yours to lead viewers to other blogs from other bloggers! Thank you.

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